TennesseeID.com is now a part of TopShelf EDU. This change will not affect how you access the site. You will continue in the same way you always have. Please read below for your new contact info and what you can look forward to.

New users please go to TopShelfEDU.com or you can reach us at the contact info listed below.

Current TennesseeID.com users will remain on the TennesseeID platform until March 2024. That’s when TopShelf wraps up a year’s long project building our new TRAX software, website and courses which will launch in March. Don’t worry, we’ll be in constant communication during this process!

All of your courses are valid, including the law courses you have already purchased. Please use them before ordering more. Until the switchover, PLEASE don’t order courses if you don’t need them, and if you do, order only what you know you will use. We will be switching you over to the new site sometime in March.

There will be minimal changes until the switchover, with the exception of implemented new law courses; Designated Manager, Retail Food for grocery stores and Designated Manager, Retail Liquor for liquor stores. These TopShelf courses replace the lawyer course you had before. You will also be happy to know, they are $65.00 per course!

We look forward to working with you!
Your TopShelf team




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Your new contact information is:

Michelle Woodfin: our office manager. She helps with user access, website questions, and most anything else you might need to know. Yes, Doug will be her backup until the March launch.

Michelle’s contact is office@topshelfedu.com and call or text is 865-521-8085. In most cases, Michelle should be your first contact. She’s normally more readily available to respond.

Kim Emery: The go-to for questions about compliance issues and law. If I don’t know the answers, I know where to find them! I am here any time you need me.

The fastest way to reach me is call or text 865-300-6246. My email is kim@topshelfedu.com, but I am not always able to get to my emails in a timely manner.

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