Beginning June 7, 2024
Courses will no longer be available for purchase on TennesseeID.com

Beginning July 1, 2024
Users will only be able to access TopShelfEDU.com for training
TennesseeID.com will NO LONGER be available

A Client Information form was emailed to your company contact
Tuesday, May 21.
Please fill out and send to office@topshelfedu.com

If you did not receive the form or have questions
please call 865-521-8085 or email office@topshelfedu.com.

TopShelf will be transferring company data over the next 45 days.

Avoid training disruptions. Get this form back to us!

Transfers will be processed in the order forms are received.

TopShelfEDU.com now has the option for bulk purchases. This is intended for smaller businesses that do not wish to create an account. Please note there is no discount for bulk purchases; they are priced at the public student cost.

Thank you!
The TopShelf Team




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Your new contact information is:

Michelle Woodfin: our office manager. She helps with user access, website questions, and most anything else you might need to know. Yes, Doug will be her backup until the March launch.

Michelle’s contact is office@topshelfedu.com and call or text is 865-521-8085. In most cases, Michelle should be your first contact. She’s normally more readily available to respond.

Kim Emery: The go-to for questions about compliance issues and law. If I don’t know the answers, I know where to find them! I am here any time you need me.

The fastest way to reach me is call or text 865-300-6246. My email is kim@topshelfedu.com, but I am not always able to get to my emails in a timely manner.

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